ASTECH is a young company, founded in July 2012 with the aim of providing solutions to companies in the food sector. Mechanical, electronic and computer design engineers, all with long experience in the field of food machinery and manufacturing processes, are part of our work team, which has a new vision of products and services to offer.

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ASTECH gives special importance to the personalized service and the customer confidence. Our main objective is to get an increase in the economic profitability of the client, by working in the different areas of the company:



Thanks to our experienced team and network of partners specialized in different fields we can provide an integral solution customized for each client and each project: studies of improvements in the process, task automation, resource optimization, improved layouts, implementation of new production lines, factory expansions, building new factories…


In ASTECH, we classify our products and services in 2 different lines, always assuming that the client has a need and our goal is to resolve it, and guide him to the simplest solution.

Management and project development

In the first place, ASTECH works as your trustworthy engineering office, under our engineers’ guidance:

Technical and management consultancy

ASTECH team together with our partners, form a strong group specialized in enterprise management, product and process improvement.

Whichever it is your interest – you want to introduce a new product in the market, to improve an existing one, to make your process more productive, to implement a new standard, to make a cost study … – consult us and we will define how we can help you.