Unmolding oil applicator for bread baking trays

Design of a machine to apply unmolding oil by means spraying nozzles, adapted to the client’s line.


The previous process of our client, which consisted in baking baguettes, had a problem when the raw baguettes got stuck at the baking trays, causing a hard extraction of the baked bread and producing a bad finished product.

To solve this problem he used to apply an unmolding oil to avoid the raw bread getting stuck. This process was manually and implied the movement of the trays out from the process line.
Our client wanted to add a machine to its line to realize the oil application.

Astech intervention

• Design of the machine specially adapted at the customer’s line to carry out the function he needed
• Manufacturing and starting up the machine
• Improvement of the results in comparison with the old process
• Process automation
• Reduction of wasted time

Machine description

Machine specially designed for the bread industry, with automatic operation and adapted to the client’s line and its trays. By means a group of spraying nozzles, the machine applies unmolding oil on the bread trays.

Key points

Pressurized oil tank. Made of stainless steel, it stores the product to be dispensed maintaining adequate pressure for a proper application.

Nozzles group. Composed of N nozzles separated according to the client’s trays. The pressure, quantity and angle of the sprayed oil can be adjusted.

Moving carriage. Compact and robust group which takes the spraying path automatically ensuring a continuous and uniform oil application due to uniform sliding movement.